Researching values for MGA roadsters the other day after receiving a classic car probate valuation request for an immaculate MGA that had recently been inherited, I came across this 1960 MGA Monza GT Coupe.

Last seen at a Bonhams sale in 2007 having previously been used for racing, this attractive 2-door hardtop was based on a 1600cc 1960 MG A. The fixed head Coupe coachwork was created by Monza in hand-laid GRP and was believed at the time to have been the prototype for a limited edition run that was never signed off for production. The engine had a gas-flowed, polished and ported cylinder head, competition rocker gear, camshaft, distributor and new fuel pump, 13-row oil cooler, Maniflow exhaust, Weber 45 DCOE carburettor and FIA-type long-distance fuel tank in aluminium.

Current DVLA details show that the engine was later enlarged to 1800cc. The car had a rebuilt gearbox and differential when offered for sale. It was not MOT tested in the new system, so must still be sitting in storage somewhere, which seems a shame. The most recent V5 was issued in 2011. Someone somewhere has a very handsome MG A GT Coupe that deserves to be shared.

The styling of this car is somewhat reminiscent of a TR6 but really unique in appearance. This would be a very cool car to run on the roads and it was road legal when sold.

A comment regarding the car on the MGA Guru website said that “the MGA Monza Coupe was built by my dad, we have the original log book. We have history on what/where/how it was made. My father passed away some years ago, and only recently we have been passed documentary / photographic items of its origin. I do know what happened to it when he sold it on, and we have a racing picture of the car from 2001 – driven by Peter Stock”.

The car sold for £15,525 including fees through Bonhams in June 2007. A 1958 MGA Coupe with an older restoration but apparently solid needing recommissioning after some time in storage sold for just under £4k at the same sale, so those who were present were clearly taken by this GT Coupe. Its value today would be similarly high against a standard MGA.

Photos by Bonhams

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