There are lots of differences between brokers when it comes to agreeing an insurance valuation. Some issue condition report forms to be completed by a professional valuer, but insurers do not always insist on the form being filled in. If the insurance valuation comes a recognised professional valuer on an official letterhead (as all of my valuations do), then that is acceptable to most brokers. 

Other classic car insurance brokers do not have any sort of form and they will either value in-house or get someone like me to look at it in person or online. Brokers such as Classicline can be pretty good at valuations and they work off a mix of in-house and specialist input. They refer more complex valuation questions to someone like me for an opinion – normally when the customer would like a higher valuation than Classicline will agree to.

When it comes to classic car insurance valuations with a specialist condition report form attached, I am happy to fill in these in-house forms if I do a valuation in person. As it is a lot cheaper to get it across the line via the online method, some of my customers try getting an online valuation and submitting it, then seeing what the broker has to say. My completed valuation is quite a comprehensive document and usually gets the job done. Otherwise, I can come to your address or meet somewhere in the middle and value any car for insurance purposes.

Classic Car Inspection Cost

I charge £300 to do an in-person valuation plus a small addition for mileage, depending on where you are. If you have other classics on site, then it’s another £60 to value each additional car. You don’t have to have the valuation done on the day – you can wait until your next renewal for additional vehicles, as was the case for the small but perfectly-formed collection of Austin Healey and Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider seen above. If you have friends locally who also need valuations, then they can come to yours for an inspection and you can split the total cost to make it even more affordable. 

My valuations are a bespoke report created to suit your car and I will also fill in the insurer’s form as required. The valuations enhance the history of any classic vehicle and also give some idea of where to pitch it, should you ever decide to send it to market. Contact me to discuss your agreed insurance valuation or any other type of valuation consultation.