There is a strong UK community around American classics and one very popular topic is Corvette market values. Classic Car Valuations regularly provides online insurance valuations for classic Chevrolet Corvette models of all ages.

The third generation Corvette, the C3, was designed along the lines of the Mako Shark II concept car and was introduced for the 1968 model year. It remained in production until 1982. Engines and chassis components were mostly carried over from the C2, but the body and interior were all new.

Early C3s (1968MY) had some issues, which were mostly resolved by the following year. Changes for the second year of production included the re-appearance of the “Stingray” script on the front wings. 1969 was the first year for the anti-theft ignition interlock and the only year for the optional side exhaust system. There were many engine choices and drivetrain configurations offered in ’69 to the tune of two small blocks and four big blocks. There was also the ZL1, of which only 2 are believed to have been built.

Chevrolet Corvette Market Values

LHD American cars are always of interest to UK enthusiasts, but the arrival of E10 fuel which does not suit all classics and the current cost of fuel may be impacting Corvette market values and selling prices.

In a recent Buyer’s Guide, the hotcars website noted that “Although nice examples of 350-powered cars can be found for less than $50,000, the price for a 427-powered ‘69 Corvette will be around $95,000. Ultra-rare and powerful examples command big bucks; just last year, a 1969 Chevy Corvette L88 sold for $610,000 at a no reserve auction.”

While we should pay close attention to spec and mileage, as a regular 350ci Corvette Auto is a much less attractive car to collectors, market observations did not show convincing evidence of the assertion that 427 prices are approaching $100k. Some apparently nice 427s have sold in the $60k bracket including auction fees through 2022 , so we must be aware of all the factors that contribute to value – not just the drivetrain.

We should also be mindful of American prices vs the UK market. While US buyers are shipping old Land Rovers across the Atlantic due to the strong dollar and high values in America, we are not yet at the point where US Corvette collectors are buying in the UK for repatriation. Our assessments of Corvette market values for insurance purposes are very much UK market values.

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