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With over thirty years of professional valuation and court expert witness experience under my belt, I am the man that solicitors, banks and insurance companies come to when they need independent expert valuations and advice. Detailed classic car valuation reports from this site are bespoke to your car, its history, any modifications, condition and specification.

My online vehicle valuation reports are the industry benchmark. Featuring a lot of detailed information and research, they are approved by the UK’s biggest classic car insurers, including Adrian Flux, Sterling, Footman James, Classicline, Locktons, REIS Motorsport Insurance and more. They give the peace of mind required when a system-generated valuation that fails to consider your car’s uniqueness is unsatisfactory. Several pages long, my reports include:

  • A HPI-type report detailing any previous history of theft, insurance damage, mileage issues etc
  • A detailed picture of current classic car market trends
  • Model-specific history and points of note
  • Details of the subject vehicle and its provenance
  • A look at market activity and prices in context
  • A bespoke valuation based on your car’s unique features and market appeal

Agreed insurance valuation reports cost £75 each and are valid for two years.  You do not need to be a car club member to use my online service.  An in-house condition report form is usually not required when you submit one of my valuations. 

Use the form below to order a single online classic car valuation. All data is confidential: I do not keep or share your details.

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Agreed Insurance Valuation conditions:

By submitting this form and using my online classic car valuation service, you agree that:

  • The vehicle is not currently subject to an insurance claim
  • No litigation is expected or pending
  • All representations of condition will be full and complete
  • No relevant information will be omitted

My signed valuation will be emailed to you as a PDF document. Forward a copy to your insurer, with another copy retained in the history file. Most insurers do not require their usual condition inspection form when an expert valuation is submitted.

All submissions are treated in complete confidence. Your details are used for valuation purposes only and we fully respect your privacy. See my privacy policy. Contact me with any questions:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What cars do you value?

I have supplied valuation reports for everything from pre-war Derby Bentley models to the very latest supercars in need of agreed insurance valuations to cover huge speculator/resale premiums. Rare or modified cars sometimes take slightly longer, as more research is involved.

Where does your information come from?

I use a wide range of sources when researching valuations. The results are typically weighted depending on the source and the purpose of the valuation. There is also an element of adjustment when observations are drawn for vehicles with differing mileages, conditions etc.

Do you value cars in person?

I personally inspect over 100 vehicles every year for valuation purposes. Although I am based in the centre of England on the Oxfordshire/Northants border, I have travelled all over the UK and Europe looking at cars. It is not always necessary to inspect a vehicle in person to value it – I recently used Facetime to inspect a classic Jeep in the Balearics for a divorce valuation.

Why are your online valuations not suitable for litigation?

Court valuation reports must conform to a set format and carry certain declarations. As I am working for the judge, they involve more detailed research and will run to many thousands of words. While the same experience and skillset goes into all of my reports, Court reports are completely different to my online valuations. I do not support online valuations for Court use.



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