Surfing through Facebook marketplace classified ads the other day, I came across this interesting and very rare 1969 Hillman Husky for sale. Based on the Hillman Imp van of the time, this is a very rare vehicle and an early exploration of the nowadays ubiquitous SUV. Scroll down to see our TikTok!

Howmanyleft shows 188 Hillman Husky models were taxed or SORN at the end of last year, with just one 1969 example remaining in the UK, which was taxed. The DVLA system shows this vehicle is also taxed so this must be it.

Hillman Husky classic car values

This little Husky is a survivor of a turbulent time in the British motor industry and it has several things in its favour from a classic car insurance valuation point of view:

  • It is very rare – perhaps the only 1969 example remaining and one of just 12 1967-1971 examples known to the DVLA
  • It has huge character and character definitely sells
  • It is practical and is said to be solid so not in need of complete rebuilding

The seller’s ad text is interesting. The vehicle shows 31,000 miles and has an 875cc engine. The seller says “Good condition. Ex Granada tv rentals vehicle. Dry stored since 1984. Lots of new parts including brakes, clutch, Tyres, alternator conversion etc. Engine sounds sweet, drives fine. Solid floor. Still plenty to do….. paintwork is faded and patchy in places, bonnet is dented. Oil pressure light comes on after 20 minutes or so. Only used for short journeys and classic car shows since being recommissioned last year.”

Hillman Husky classic car values

About the HIllman Husky

Introduced in 1954, the first Hillman Husky was a small estate car based on the contemporary Hillman Minx. The two-door Husky entered the range alongside an existing Minx estate car, but the Husky was not a hatchback, having instead a single side-hinged rear door. Disappointingly but rather typically of British manufacturers, the Husky also used an older 1.3-litre engine rather than the new 1.4-litre OHV engine of the Minx. Hillman somewhat shot itself in the foot with this move, as only 42,000 Mk1 Huskys were sold before the model was replaced four years after launch.

In 1958, a Series 1 Husky was unveiled with the 1.4-litre engine, bigger body and a restyled front end. A Commer-badged van version was offered. The mildly updated Series II came in 1960, with further restyling, new seats and a four-speed transmission. The final version was the 1963 Series III, which had a further facelift but retained four-wheel drum brakes, while the saloon car base got disc brakes in the front. The technical specification was upgraded in 1964 with al all-synchro gearbox, but the model was canned in 1965.

Hillman Husky classic car values

In 1967, a Husky appeared based on the Hillman Imp van. Based on the two-door car, with a boxy body and roof raised by 4 inches to provide a large carrying space above the engine bay, this Husky shared the Imp’s rear-mounted 875cc OHC engine.

The load space was accessed through a top-hinged rear tailgate that opened down to floor level, making it easy to load without stooping down. Sliding windows gave ventilation and a view out from the rear bench seat. The rear seat back folded forward to increase carrying capacity. The car had load rated radial tyres, uprated rear shock absorbers and rear springs were fitted along with a strengthened rear suspension. These gave the Husky more sporty handling than the standard Imp.

The funky little Imp-based Husky did not sell in droves and production ended in 1970, at which point Chrysler Europe engaged in a major reduction of Hillman parent group Rootes’ products, having bought 30% of the company in 1964 and competed its purchase of the remaining shares in 1967. All Rootes’ products were gradually rebadged as Chryslers. By 1978, Chrysler itself was in trouble and the debt-laden European operation was sold to PSA Peugeot Citroen in 1978.

Listed at £5,500 ono, this little Husky is well worth a look. I would certainly be driving to see it if I had the space in my garage. Check out our TikTok with Ciara below!


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