Single Joint Expert divorce valuations

John Glynn of Classic Car Valuations is regularly instructed to provide valuation and market expertise on a variety of cases for legal professionals and insurance companies. This work includes Single Joint Expert instruction for divorce negotiation/settlement and probate valuations for executors.

Single Joint Expert reports conform to Family Procedure Regulations (FPR 25) and associated practice guidelines. My valuations have coverd all sorts of vehicles including road cars, racing vehicles, rally cars, motorcycles of all ages and larger vehicles including motorhomes, commercials and military vehicles.

Legal and Court Expert Reports

My work includes vehicle and salvage valuations, provenance and history research, market trends for the rarest vehicles, research into comparables, disputes over restoration work and repairs, mis-described sale vehicles, insolvency and vehicle identification. I also offer open market value support for mediation/arbitration and assist barristers with cross-examination preparations.

Expert witness reports and statements conform to CP35 Civil Procedures Rules as per Guidance to Experts, and often greatly assist the path to a settlement. I charge by the hour, with project estimates usually agreed in advance.

Contact me to discuss your needs in complete confidence. Note that I also provide valuations for classic motorcycles (link below).

Main photo by WilliamCho–1724357 on Pixabay